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Yes, this is a safe seller. Feels great. About as close to real feel as you can get. What can I say? She’s a little succubus and I’m under her spell. She is small and fairly easy to toss around in the sheets. Very satisfied with this toy. Clean up is not difficult. Overall, well worth the price. According to the seller, first warm up the mouth, then let the baby blowjob, it feels superb, there is a real person feeling. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, the site is legit and safe. This is an amazingly good product, especially for the price. The positives are overwhelming. The doll was delivered before the promised date during the mad Christmas shopping season. The doll was delivered exactly as promised with correct body, hair, and custom green eyes. Except for the wrists, the joints are uniformly tight and help create a doll that will hold a position very well. Overall, doll of very good quality, very well wrapped and fast shipping. Excellent seller, answer my questions quickly, thanks.

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Yes, excellent customer service and great products. I tried anal orifice and can tell it’s as good as the vaginal one, it’s also shorter in length. Probably more enjoyable, but I don’t really use it. Her breasts are soft and tender like real ones, very firm and perky, good enough to squeeze. Nipples are also very realistic in texture, good job. Very happy with everything I’ve ordered from this seller! Thank you for your gift Very nice. Recommended seller!!

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Yes, it’s a legit vendor. Personally, I like it.. I have had it about 4 months now I use it every once in a while, it’s nice to take a step away from the Fleshlights..this one here is great. It feels like the real thing. It stays tight over time and does not get loose which is what I like about it that and the size, not to big and not too small. Positive response to all the problems, it is faster than expected. Definitely would recommend it. review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, the vendor is trusted. Very impressive and functional doll. Seller responded right away and the shipping wait time was not bad at all – arrived faster than expected. It came in a discrete box yet make sure you have someone to sign for it upon delivery. No tearing or scraps on the doll, very well packaged. Doll is proportional and tall with a full figure and met my expectations. Yet keep in mind, it is quite weighty. No trouble keeping positions though – which is definitely a plus. Entries are nice, no complaints there. Overall, lots of fun and worth every penny! (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, the seller is legit. I don’t get to have sex often and when I do I experience anxiety and sensitivity issues so a lot of times I lose erection during sex. I purchased this doll first of all to practice and to get rid of sensitivity issues. I can tell you – it does the job. Feels EXACTLY like a real female. And by that I don’t mean extreme tightness like lots of these toys have. It’s just enough to take you in and not to push too much. Perfect for someone suffering from sensitivity issues like I do.

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Yes, the best site so far. I bought this doll and have had it now for about 2 weeks. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking about the cost of this item. You’re thinking about whether or not it works as advertised or you’re thinking about whether you should even own such a device given the level of self-inflicted shame you might get for using a love doll. I challenge you to remove doubt. I was suspicious at first but after a couple of sessions, I found this thing to be nothing short of awesome.

Is Safe ?

Yes, the site is safe. The material is actually quite nice for the price point of this doll, and makes me wonder how they can afford to sell it at this price! The size of the doll would make you wonder about it too. The skin is stretchy, and lets the holes take greater girths without tearing. The body is still firm, though, and helps the doll stay put during play. I love the way they shaped this toy, it stays still a bit of a tease with its swimwear design but still lets it look naked to stimulate your mind during play.

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Yes, the site is excellent! I thought about buying this dol for years. Finally did, it was so worth it. Excellent product quality, service and shipping time. Money well spent. Feeling very soft, very touch, very comfortable when playing, feeling very good! do very realistic. Sexy big mouth, I am very excited. Beautiful artwork. Super fun…..kinda nice to have something on the side to play with lol Free delivery, good experience, fair prices. Can’t find better than this.